Traveler’s Guide to Organize Packing Essentials

Every traveler has their own series of dilemmas when packing for a trip. Some would pack weeks ahead of their schedule. While I also hear that some would prefer to pack hours before their flight. Where would you put yourself into these two categories? What would you consider as a stress-free packing habit? Are you a light-weight packer, or are you one of those who tries to squeeze in their closet into their four-wheeled luggage?

Let’s look at some of these tips on how to perfectly organize packing essentials.

Make a List

List down everything that you think you might actually need for the trip. Include the appropriate apparel in accordance with the weather and the kind of activities you signed up for. For outdoor activities, make sure that you pack your gears. If you’re going to stay indoors, try to bring stuff that will make you enjoy your staycation. Don’t forget the basic essentials like your underwear, toiletries, and of course your passport.

Categorize your Essentials

Once you’ve listed your essentials, categorize them according to their uses. In that way, you can arrange them together inside your luggage. Do not mix your liquids with the rest of your stuff. In case of any spillage, you can avoid stains on your fabric or damage to your gadgets.

Use Pouches or Zip-locks

In order for you to efficiently categorize your essentials, you can separate those using pouches or zip-locks. If you put them in small packs inside the luggage, you can easily find them whenever you’ll need them. This will also help you when you unpack. You won’t have to arrange them again individually when they’re already organized accordingly.

Weigh your Baggage

To avoid excess baggage fees, weigh your luggage/s before going to the airport. This is so much less stressful than having to weigh your baggage in the airport. These fees can be overly expensive. You can save your extra pocket money for your trip.

Secure your Bags

Be mindful in handling your bags. You can never be too careful when you’re bringing your essentials. Always keep it within your sight at all times. If possible, don’t trust anyone else with it. Keep it locked as well because you’ll never know when you’re going to run into a pick-pocket. This is also to avoid other people putting illegal stuff into your possession.

Stay Fresh!

Despite the stressful processes of packing, always look your best. It’s a part of your vacation experience, so make sure you include it in your wonderful collection of memories. It can be fun, too! Just think of it as a rite of passage.