Why Parents Need to See Other People’s Text Messages on Their Kids’ Phone

Let us first establish the fact that when parents monitor their kids’ text messages, it is solely for security purposes, and that is why they want to learn how to receive someone else’s text messages which are meant for their children. Reading through messages meant to be received by their kids can feel a little awkward for many parents. It may feel like they are reading a private journal meant only for the eyes of the author.

That is an admirable sentiment, of course, but in a world as dangerous as this modern one, where there are threats in the real and virtual worlds, the safety of our kids is a paramount concern and should not be compromised.

Why Safety is Way more Important than Privacy.

It is a natural part of growing up that children will try to find more freedom, independence and privacy. The child will grow to take more responsibility and ownership over their lives. This is where it is important to know when to give them the space that they require and when to assert to stay connected with them.

It is the prerogative, the responsibility, the duty even, of parents to stay on top of their children’s lives and what’s been happening with them. They need to know what the latest events in their kids’ lives are, where they have been going lately and who they are in contact with through their phones. As previously stated, there are threats in the real and virtual parts of the modern world, and most of them can have access to your kids through a cell phone.

Parents Should Take Charge.

If your child is not very frank with you about these details, there may be a disconnect somewhere and it is your job as a parent to work around that disconnect since these little lapses in honesty can create problems regarding their safety and security.

There are plenty of scenarios where a child may be in danger and there’s no way to know about them except by going through their text and instant messages. They may start connecting with strangers online and over the phone, or hang out with the wrong crowd and be dragged into illegal and dangerous situations. There is also a big possibility that teens will start to do drugs and drink early and you will have to find out by looking into their text messages.

The Key is Respect and Trust.

Being a parent doesn’t mean that you can just do what you want and implement monitoring right away without consulting your kid. Monitoring text messages should build trust between parent and child, and the best way to preserve that trust is to have a talk with your kid outlining your plan to monitor her text messages in order to protect her from dangers that kids like her may know nothing about. That way she will understand the reason for the monitoring and you will be able to maintain and build on your trust on one another.

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